Making Way For Baby

Feeling the shifts in the last weeks of your pregnancy? Yep, your body is making room for your little one to enter, and with that our lower body can feel a bit foreign to us. This practice digs into the hips in a way to bring your back into your own body to prepare for your little one to arrive.


This prenatal class is designed for pregnant mamas of all stages. Create space in your body so that you can alleviate back pain, reduce tightness and tension, and minimize other pregnancy discomforts such as low energy, swelling and nausea. Work on strength and flexibility so that you'll stay healthy and balanced during your pregnancy.

Intensity: Everyday 

Props: 2 blocks, strap, blanket or towel


If you're pregnant, you're probably dealing with back pain, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE BACK PAIN DURING PREGNANCY! Take 7 minutes a day for yourself and banish your back pain. Strengthen and stretch your belly, back, and bottom, and enjoy this special and miraculous time in your life much more.


Try deepening your breath, connecting to the miracle of pregnancy, and listening to what you inner wisdom has to say. Create a positive affirmation that you can repeat to yourself to keep yourself connected to your Highest Truth throughout your pregnancy. Gender Reveal Party Supplies